Resurrection Egg Hunt

04/12/2020 @ 12:00 pm – 12:30 pm
Facebook Live


Pastor Calhoun will be on Facebook live after the 11:00 Easter service for an interactive lesson for Kids’ Life!

Parents…here are directions to prepare your kids for the Resurrection Egg Hunt!

You will need 12 plastic Easter eggs. With a permanent marker, number them 1—12 on the bottom of the eggs. Find each of the items below and put them in the egg with the matching number:

  1. A small leaf to represent a palm branch at Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem
  2. A small clump of hair or fur to represent the donkey that Jesus rode into Jerusalem
  3. Some silver coins to represent the 30 pieces of silver that Judas received for betraying Jeus
  4. A thimble or something similar to represent the cup at the Last Supper
  5. A tiny piece of paper rolled into a scroll to represent Jesus’ prayer in the garden
  6. A piece of leather or thick fabric to represent the soldier’s whipping Jesus
  7. A tiny crown made from grass or a flower stem to represent the crown of thorns
  8. 2 small nails to represent the nails and the cross
  9. A die or set of dice to represent the solder’s casting lots for Jesus’ garment
  10. A toothpick with one end broken off to represent the spear piercing Jesus’ side
  11. A piece of cheesecloth or thin fabric to represent Joseph wrapping Jesus’ body in clean linen cloth
  12. A rock to represent the stone rolled in front of the tomb

Hide the eggs around your house for the kids to find in the morning, before church begins.

Do not let them open the eggs as they find them, but place them in a safe container.

During the interactive lesson with Pastor, allow the child(ren) to find the numbered egg as Pastor tells about it and open the egg to see the item inside.