LifeGroup Leader Application Process | LifeSpring Church of Brookfield, WI

All LifeGroup Leaders are requested to engage in the following process:

  1. Pray and fast (seek the Lord’s will for your LifeGroup)
  2. Submit the LifeGroup Leader Application Form
  3. Allow the leadership team to review the form
  4. Work with LifeGroup Pastor to schedule a time to chat
  5. Chat with LifeGroup Pastor about the vision of your LifeGroup and steps to move forward
  6. LifeGroup Applicant prepares to lead LifeGroup considering the following aspects:
    • Interactive – Plan enjoyable ways people can connect and share encouragement among the LifeGroup Members.
    • Intentional – Prepare a word from scripture and plan a time of prayer for your LifeGroup to connect with God.
    • Inspiring – Inspire your LifeGroup members to identify and take the next step. Remember that everyone’s next step is different. This is also an opportunity to help identify people that may lead a group for the next semester (God may use this method to multiply the church).
  1. Review and customize your LifeGroup using Planning Center / Church Center
  2. Make invite list. Most people in the church will see your LifeGroup on Church Center, but be sure to reach out to friends, coworkers, and neighbors that might share your interests.
  3. Extend invitations personally and digitally
  4. Coordinate and facilitate your LifeGroup. Be hospitable. Show love. Communicate clearly. Remember to strive to make your LifeGroup interactive, intentional, and inspiring. Believe for great things and remember that God will draw others higher.

Thank you for volunteering to lead a LifeGroup!