God’s Bucket List:

The little women came to the well at noon, hoping to see no one because most women went in the morning or evening for water. She came in the punishing middle eastern heat (modern day Palestine) to ensure no one would be there. But that day there was a man at the well. He said he was there to drink but Jacob’s well was deep and even though she made many mistakes in life she was not ignorant. She pointed out, “Rabbi, how can you draw with no bucket?” He said if you knew who I was you would ask me for a drink and I would give you living water that will flow from inside you. (from your spirit – rivers of living water) This water will quench your thirst in ways that you will never need a drink again. Of course she said, “sir, give me of this water!” It would mean never having to make the lonely trip in the middle of the day. She was a scarlet women, having had 5 husbands, and now with one that was number 6 but they were not married. This Rabbi didn’t gloss it over, he touched her pain by saying go get your husband. She got religious – which is what most do when Jesus call us out on something. Then he said I am the messiah and I will fill you with my spirit and it will be like water in your soul that satisfies…you will be the vessel…the bucket. This is what she was searching for because she was so excited about the fact that she was invited and welcome….she had a place. Imagine the joy she felt that he didn’t just want from her like every other man she knew, but he wanted something for her. She was selected…across cultural and ethnic and religious barriers. Jesus said…”they may not, but I chose you” and that day she found out that she was on God’s bucket list…she was unaccepted by so many….but to Jesus…the well sitting on a well (preacher humor ????)…she was was a worthy vessel, called by God. (She became the first evangelist to
Sumaria, and forever a good deed done is labeled as being done by a good Sumaritan)
She took the message of Jesus to that city before Phillip the Apostle and there is buried John the Baptist- who the bible calls greatest man – a revivalist who baptized Jesus himself. Could it be that it all started with a little lady that said yes to God’s call and that day left her bucket at the well to become a bucket for living water. God has called you and God gifted you and those calling and gifts will always call to your heart and lead you in life. Look back and you will see evidence of them at work. You are a chosen vessel and no one or no “thing” can take those gifts and callings away.

Romans 11:29
For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance

The Greatest minds and talents of time recognize that these gifts and calling should lead us:
“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” ~Pablo Picasso

When God calls and when he gave or embedded gifts in you. They are irrevocable. You may have filled your bucket with many things in life trying to find satisfaction. But he wants to fill you with his Spirit to activate and empower your gift and callings. God has a list of great things for you, that will flow out of what he put in you. Because, you are “God’s Bucket List.”
NOTHING can disqualify you for the gifts he gave you. Remember If God started it or gave it to you…its unstoppable!

“For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable.” ~Romans 11:29


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